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Who we are

Blue Amber Jewelry is a devision of Ambarazul, LLC Ambarazul LLC Blue Amber and other gems – export from the Dominican Republic and Colombia Ambarazul LLC International Business Consultants based in the Caribbean Ambarazul LLC Interesting objects of art from private owners from all over the world. Ambarazul LLC is a corporation serving a worldwide jewelry market with items made from Dominican blue amber and was the first company that started to promote Dominican blue amber worldwide at the beginning of the century. Headquartered in the Dominican Republic, but registered in the USA, Ambarazul, LLC still serves a large and loyal worldwide customer base. As our customer base for blue amber jewelry parts continues to grow, so our product lines expand as well. As we see more and more customer diversity from those interested in using the intriguing Dominican blue amber to create jewelry, we continue to supply your imagination with new and exciting pieces. Our commitment to[…]

Dominican amber beads

Our Products and Service

We wholesale premium quality Dominican Amber and Blue amber Gemstone as beads, pendants and cabochons for jewelry making and designing. Our carefully selected gemstones help you create outstanding necklaces, bracelets and earrings. True Blue Amber beads, pendants and cabochons are made from rough blue amber.   We have worked at international and local level together with companies helping them with design and development of blue amber jewelry collections or one of a kind blue amber jewelry pieces as well as with local and international jewelry producers. Therefore, if you are a jewelry retailer looking  for something more original then the ordinary that is being thrown on the market today, you can contact us for creating some exclusive and original designs of jewelry with blue amber, either alone or with other gems. We can create and design a whole collection. We guarantee exclusivity to your chosen design. In case you do not have[…]

Blue Amber Cabochon set

Our Catalog

Examples from our Blue Amber Jewelry component production. Color and appearance will vary from those illustrated on our web site as these are cut from natural material, with intrinsic variation, but the illustrations may be taken as a guide. Also, the prices you find in this catalog are only general indications. You are welcome to contact us for specific information and quotations. Blue Amber, rough or semi polished stones Blue Amber, AAA beads, round Blue amber, AAB beads Blue Amber beads, oval and other forms Blue Amber cabochons of different quality groups Blue Amber chips of different quality groups Blue Amber nuggets Blue Amber for blue amber bracelets, necklaces and other applications. Blue Amber pendants Carved Blue Amber items for jewelry and decoration   Prices depend on demand and available supply and are subject to change.  For specific quotations, please contact us . None of the cabochons or blue amber beads are made from re-processed (pressed)[…]