We wholesale premium quality Amber and Blue amber Gemstone as beads, pendants and cabochons for jewelry making and designing. Our carefully selected gemstones help you create outstanding necklaces, bracelets and earrings. True Blue Amber beads, pendants and cabochons are made from rough blue amber.


None of the cabochons or blue amber beads are made from re-processed (pressed) Amber. These techniques are not even know in the Dominican Republic. All our amber beads or cabochons  are completely natural, cut by hand from the rough stone. We produce high quality natural Dominican Blue Amber cabochons, with a domed top and flat back. We also make green amber cabochons and beads available in various sizes. Our amber cabochons and beads are usually not calibrated.

All the components we offer are 100% uniquely handmade and made of 100% Natural Dominican Amber without additives or additional treatment, besides cutting and polishing.

Blue Amber supplied here generally inclusions or impurities which testify its natural origin.

A renowned scientist, Prof. Dr. Mark R. Meyer comments: “First of all, beware of pieces that are too uniform or too perfect. Amberization involves processes that result in imperfection in pieces, imperfections that often give amber its personality. So, bubbles, plant debris, clouds, inner layers, cracks and fissures, insect parts, opacities, swirls and stress lines are present to some degree in most pieces and can help verify authenticity. Beware, for example, of a necklace of perfectly matched, transparent beads — that would be most unlikely.”